Life Lately

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Hello! It's been a long time since I've written here and I've missed it so much! Let me explain. Yes, life has been full (that's my new word for busy, haha), and I haven't made time to blog, but also for the last month and a half, I've had some tendinitis/pain in my right wrist and shoulder which has made typing and texting really hard. I saw my first chiropractor last week and he worked his magic and I'm pain free! So happy to freely be able to type again.

I feel like a lot has happened since I last wrote, so I'll get you all caught up. First of all, I just have to share how excited I am to finally have fall weather in Philly! It's 60's and perfect!

Apple Picking

Intuitive Snacking + My Favorite Snacks

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

I am definitely a snacker, what about you? I grew up in a home where we had snacks, and I honestly can't imagine going more than 3-4 hours between a meal. Sometimes I have 2 snacks, sometimes I have 4-5 snacks a day. It just depends on my hunger and energy needs on a given day (and what I ate for meals that day).

Let's Talk About Carbs

Friday, September 14, 2018

I feel like I need to make a public service announcement - Carbs are not the enemy. Carbs do not directly make you gain weight. Carbs do not make you fat. Cutting out carbs is not the golden ticket to health.

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